I'm her. The girl behind this dream, Lilianne Victoria.  

Victoria isn't actually my last name, it's my middle name. I'm a twenty something gal with far-fetched dreams and a passion for capturing the seemingly insignificant (& jaw-dropping) moments in life. Seemingly. I use that word because to you, a collection of seconds might not be that important. But when you consider the fact that that cluster of time will never happen again, every moment becomes quite important.

If you were to ask me why I chose to become a photographer my answer would go a little something like that. I love photography because it allows me to show others a different perspective on their life. Give me a camera and I will reveal to you that what you see as boring and normal, is actually quite stunning. Life is stunning. Sometimes we are just too busy or distracted to see that. I'm talking about REAL life. Not the stiff, posed, setup. The REAL emotions and the REAL vulnerability that only comes with comfort.  And if you'll have me, I'll show you that your real life is just as if not more stunning than the things you deem as beautiful. 

Let's start our adventure.