A Snow Day in Asheville, NC

Reece and I are big wanderers. We like to dream about living on the west coast but our bank accounts don't hesitate to remind us that those dreams are a while away. When the weatherman called for snow a couple weeks ago it didn't take much convincing for us to take off to Asheville for the day. We both really love it there. I am typically not a fan of car rides (natural remedies for motion sickness are welcome here!!!!) but as soon as I see the mountains forming in the distance I completely forget about the cup of ice chips in my lap. Apart from the mountains, I could watch Reece watch snow forever, He gets so excited. It is really fun to watch someone you love, watch something that they love. I've turned into a big ball of mush here lately (thanks, Reece).

Anyways! We had the best day ducking in and out of the random stores that braved the weather. Found a great coffee shop on the cutest little alley, Trade and Lore. But I will say, my favorite part was a twenty minute period at the end of the day. We headed to a gas station to grab ice chips before heading back to Columbia (I told you, it's bad) and found the cutest little street that just  begged us to walk. The sun was doing it's best to peak through the trees and it created the most perfect golden burst of light. 

I truly love that guy and everything that comes with wandering with him. 



Lilianne Walker