Old Things & New Love

Oh Jackie & Ian. 

I knew from their very first email that these two were nothing short of incredible. See for yourself. 

 " ...our variety of compassion for one another is classic in the truest sense of the original meaning. We're not a more youthful generation's variety of windswept ideals. We're two people who love one another for each other's tenderness at heart that's wrapped in the strength of how we see the world and those we care about. We're not soft people. We're not without the scars of life. By the time we came together, we'd seen much of the good and the bad in people and found that we made each other most radiant in the confines of our solitude, alone and together. "

I assure you my jaw fell to the floor as I'm sure yours just did. Every part of working with them was intentional and packed full of their personality. I had so much fun getting to know them over a delicious breakfast in Charlotte, NC. We finished off our day at a dream of an antique store. I adore these guys.