it’s nice to meet you.

an intimate and destination wedding photographer for the undeniably and fervently in love. 

this is us.

i go well with cooler weather and a cup of caramel-colored coffee. i am married to my very own tall, dark (haired), and handsome dude named Reece. he is the funniest person I know. truly. not a day goes by that I don’t laugh at something he’s said or done. most importantly, he’s a really big part of me and my life. we are newlyweds ourselves (october 27, 2018). good music makes me cry. my love language is cleaning (strange, I know) and notebooks. there’s nothing quite like the crackle of a newly opened spine, with a binding full of blank pages just for me.

my desire, above anything else, is to create a visual extension of the things or people you hold close in your heart. that's all. nothing complicated or complex. just as honest as your love. i aim to capture your story just as honest as it appears. so that when you look back 20 years from now you’ll recognize those emotions on your faces and say to your self “life was so beautiful then,” even with all of it’s scars. the loud and momentous moments that everyone is there for. the seemingly insignificant ones that only you two share, although quieter, no less meaningful. i want to be there for it. vulnerability inspires me. watching how humans are so capable of love and are in return, willing to recieve it in all it’s forms, really gets me going. i can’t guarantee that i won’t cry at your wedding, or when your baby is born. but what i can tell you is that you’ll always receive my best effort. doing what i do is a privilege that i hope to never take for granted.

i am so grateful that you are here. stay awhile. and if you feel so inclined, reach out. i cannot wait to grow a friendship with you.

wedding photos taken by our good friends, billie jo and jeremy, of billie jo and jeremy photography